Overdraft facility is a revolving borrowing facility repayable on demand, made available in connection with a current account. The customer can overdraw the current account when any entry is debited to the account for more than the available credit balance on it. The facility is valid for 12 months renewable.


· Assured liquidity/ cash flow position for daily obligations.

· Flexible form of borrowing intended to finance day to day cash flow requirements generated by normal business activities

· Minimized cost of borrowing as interest is charged on the overdrawn balance on a day to day basis.

Asset Financing

Asset Financing Loan is a contract between the borrower and TIB CBL, whereby the bank grants a loan to the customer with a purpose of purchasing assets such as vehicle, earth moving equipment, heavy plants, plants and equipment for manufacturers, office equipment, constructions equipment. The facility is availed for a maximum period of 5 year.


· Self-secured facility.

· Shorter facility processing process

· Assured financial support for quicker and shorter business deals

· Lump sum payment to finance acquisition of specific assets with affordable repayments to match with cash flow.

Contract Financing

Contract financing Loans are structured form of borrowing intended to finance execution of a specific transaction, usually specific contract and the funding requirements that this generates. The facility tenor is limited to the duration of the contract and should not exceed 5 years.


· Assured financial support for quicker business deals in hand.

· Can also be self-secured facility.

· Payable within short time period.

Short-term loans

These are short term Loans usually intended to finance specific short term capital transactions such as purchase of assets, expansion or short term increase in working capital of a business, or purchase of real estate etc. Mostly the loan is assigned to specific cash flow transaction.


· Shorter facility processing process

· Payable within short time period i.e 12 months

· Assured financial support for quick and short business deals

Medium term loans

Medium term Loans are term loans availed for a maximum period of 5 years. These are structured form of borrowing intended to finance specific transactions such as purchase of capital assets, expansion or long term increase in working capital of a business, or purchase of real estate etc.


· A longer tenor financing to release cash flow stretch

· Assured financial support for business growth

Eligibility/Basic requirements

· Application letter

· Board resolution

· Memorandum and Articles of Association,

· Certificate of company registration/ Incorporation

· Valid Business license

· Recent annual returns

· TRA Tax clearance certificate

· VAT and TIN Certificates

· Business Plan

· Audited accounts for past 3 years

· Projections in line with borrowing tenor

· Security details

· Authorization to borrow from the parent Ministry (For Government Institutions).

Group Scheme Loan

We offer personal loans to monthly salaried employees of a reputable Government or Private company / institution.

· The employer needs to be current or prospective customer of TIB CBL bank using TIB payroll system.

· Employer should have a clearly signed arrangement with regards to collection of loan repayments.

Secured Personal Loan

· Bank financing to facilitate business or any other personal investment such as; investment in government securities, purchase of shares listed in Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange (DSE), renovation of domestic house or business premises, purchase of small scale processing machine and other investment required.


· Flexible repayment tenor up to 48 months

· Top up is allowed after agreed repayment time

· Loan up to TZS 200M or USD equivalent

· Short facility processing process

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