Our Treasury team comprises of highly qualified and professionally trained treasury dealers with a sound understanding of how risk management instruments can be successfully applied to the needs of their clients. Our treasury professionals can best postulate the appropriate treasury solution requirements of the client in money markets and foreign exchange.

We offer a wide range of value-added    treasury services such as money market and foreign exchange as well as and structured products to suit the financial market needs of our clients as well as being customer focused. These include.

·        Spot Foreign Exchange - This involves buying or selling foreign currencies, within two business days between the deal and the settlement date. TIB CBL Treasury also offers deals with same day (value today) or next-day value dates (value tomorrow) depending on the agreed terms of the deal.

·        Forward Foreign Exchange - Customers agree to buy or sell one currency against another at a predetermined future date and price, to help them hedge against foreign exchange risk.

·        Foreign Exchange Swaps - An agreement between two parties to exchange two currencies at a certain exchange rate at a certain time in the future. This eliminates the risk that the exchange rate will change in a way that is disadvantageous to one party or the other.

·        Primary Dealership in Government Securities- TIB is a licensed Primary Dealer of Treasury Bills and Treasury Bonds. As such, TIB can invest in these Government Securities on behalf of customers.

·        Market intelligence on major trends and developments in the local, regional and global financial markets

·        Daily SMS Updates on prices of major currencies against our local currency.


·        Competitive prices

·        Protection from trivial losses resulted by making inappropriate investment decisions

·        Reliable investment advise.



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