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TIB Development Bank Board Inaugurated in Dodoma




On 17th October 2016, Dodoma, TIB Development Bank Board of Directors was formally inaugurated by Hon. Minister of Finance and Planning Dr. Philip Mpango at the Treasury Square Boardroom in Dodoma.

 While addressing the newly appointed board, the Hon. Minister appealed to the new Board to execute their duties effectively, “most public and private development projects have been stuck due to lack of discipline and commitment among officials, I call upon you to deliver” he told the members of the board.

 Dr. Mpango also challenged the new board members to ensure the bank focuses its attention on supporting industrial development through agro-processing and general manufacturing that will help the country attain middle income status.

The Chairman of the Board Prof. Palamagamba Kabudi assured the Hon. Minister that his team will exercise professionalism and make sure it meets the government’s expectation of the bank.