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Our History

TIB RASILIMALI LIMITED (formerly known as RASILIMALI LIMITED) was incorporated on 4 February, 1980 vide certificate of incorporation No.7586 as a wholly owned subsidiary company of TIB Development Bank Limited (formerly known as Tanzania Investment Bank – TIB). Initially established to be a property developer, Rasilimali was transformed into a Financial Services and Securities Dealing Company when the Capital Markets and Securities Authority (CMSA) act of 1994, prohibited banks to undertake the activities of capital market operations unless under a separate independent company that would be regulated by the CMSA.

TIB Rasilimali is a limited liability company established and operating under the Companies Act, Cap 212 of the laws of Tanzania and licensed to conduct the business of Capital Market operations being securities brokerage services, corporate finance and investment advisory in Tanzania. The firm’s registered office is located at 7TH Floor Samora Towers, Corner of Samora and Bridge Street, P. O. Box 9154, Dar es Salaam. TIB Rasilimali is a subsidiary of TIB Development Bank and a member of the TIB Group, as such the firm’s ultimate shareholder is the Government of Tanzania, TIB Rasilimali is thus further governed by the respective laws and directives for State Owned institutions.

The firm first obtained its Capital Markets operator licenses since October 1997, is one of the oldest Brokerage and Advisory firms in the market, the only public sector institution that is a licensed dealing member of the Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange and the only brokerage firm affiliated to a Bank.