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CRDB: 95; DCB: 295; DSE: 980; EABL: 4,360; JHL: 7,900; KA: 50; KCB: 1,140; MBP: 490; MCB: 500; MKCB: 780; MUCOB: 400; NICO: 175; NMB: 2,340; NMG: 870; PAL: 400; SWALA: 490; SWISS: 1,600; TBL: 10,900; TCC: 17,000; TCCL: 600; TCIL: 385; TOL: 660; TPCC: 2,000; TTP: 120; USL: 5; VODA: 850; YETU: 550;

TIB Rasilimali Ltd is a fully owned subsidiary of TIB Development Bank licensed by the Capital Markets and Securities Authority (CMSA) of Tanzania to provide advisory services and as a licensed broker/dealer of the Dar es Salaam stock Exchange (DSE). TIB Rasilimali has been operating as a member of the Dar es Salaam stock Exchange (DSE) since 1997. Services offered by the company include the purchase and sale of shares and corporate bonds and notes, as well as Government securities such as treasury bills and bonds. TIB Rasilimali is also registered by the Social Security Regulatory Authority as a Fund manager and can assist retail and institutional clients with financial investments and execution. The firm also offers Corporate Finance and Capital mobilization services.

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