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TIB Rasilimali Ltd provides local and foreign investors access to the listed stocks. Our equity operations are handled by highly qualified sales and trading teams. We are one of   the major players with a sizeable market share through our institutional investor base and our retail investor base in Tanzania. Our clientele list is well spread in every corner of Tanzania in particular and East Africa region in general.

The importance of equity lies in the fact that it represents ownership of stockholders in a company. The interest of stockholders lies in accruing gains through rise in the value of stocks based on the future performance of the company. Equity investment can offer some of the best returns in the long-term based on how well you choose your stocks and the efficiency with which you manage them. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider investing in equities:

  1. Capital growth in the long term, based on an increase in the market price of shares.
  2. Dividends paid by the company to shareholders based on annual profits.
  3. High level of liquidity.
  4. The kind of flexibility afforded to investors in choice of companies, number of shares, price and type of transaction.

One can trade in equities in the secondary market in several segments as explained below:

  1. Intra Day Trading – Buying/Selling of securities takes place on the same trading day but settlement takes place after three days.     T+3
  2.  Delivery Based Transactions – It involves buying at a low price and selling at a high price at a later date.

Before buying stocks of a company, an investor should understand its functioning, nature of business and future growth prospects to ensure it is worthy investment. It is important to realize that market volatility can be rather high in the short-term which can present more risks than opportunities for an inexperienced investor. Instead of the number of stocks one owns, what matters more is the quality of the stocks, which depends to a large extent on the consistency of past performance for a company and possibility of good growth in future. At TIB Rasilimali, we have a dedicated team of experts to help our clients make wise investments and ensure good returns to meet their expectations.

Fixed Income:

TIB Rasilimali Ltd is a licensed dealer in corporate and government bonds. We offer our clientele the option of taking part in the primary issuance and secondary trading of the following;

  1. Government bond.
  2. Treasury bills  (T-Bill).
  3. Corporate Bond.
  4. Commercial Papers.