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DSE Listed Companies

DSE listed Campanies' Information

SN Company Name Number of Shares Major Economic Activity IPO Price(TZS) Industry Category Website Link
1. CRDB BANK PLC 2,611,838,584 Corporate, Retail, Business and Treasury Banking and Microfinance Services 150 Banks, Finance & Investments www.crdbbank.co.tz
2. DCB Commercial Bank Plc (DCB) 92,363,896 Fully-fledged Commercial Bank in Tanzania 275 Banks, Finance & Investments www.dcb.co.tz
3. Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange Plc (DSE) 23,824,000 Raising capital and Finances, Secondary leg of Capital Markets. 500 Banks, Finance & Investments www.dse.co.tz
4. Maendeleo Bank Plc 23,300,857 Fully-fledged Commercial Bank in Tanzania 500 Banks, Finance & Investments www.maendeleobank.co.tz
5. Mwalimu Commercial Bank Plc (MCB Bank) 61,824,920 Commercial Bank 500 Banks, Finance & Investments www.mcb.co.tz
6. Mkombozi Commercial Bank Plc (MKCB) 20,615,272 Commercial Bank 1000 Banks, Finance & Investments www.mkombozibank.co.tz
7. Mufindi Community Bank(MuCoBa) 8,156,423 Community Bank in Mufindi District 250 Banks, Finance & Investments www.mucobatz.com
8. National Investment Company Ltd (NICO) 69,178,134 Investment, Acquisition and Management of Business Enterprises 300 Banks, Finance & Investments www.nicoltz.com/
9. National Microfinance Bank Plc 500,000,000 Corporate, Retail, Business and Treasury Banking and Microfinance Services 600 Banks, Finance & Investments www.nmbbank.co.tz
10. Precision Air Plc 160,469,800 Commercial and airline services 475 Commercial Services www.precisionairtz.com
11. Swala Tanzania Plc 106,201,621 Oil and Gas Exploration 500 Oil and Gas www.swalaoilandgas.com
12. Swissport Tanzania Plc 36,000,000 Airport ground and cargo handling services in Tanzania 225 Commercial services www.swissport.com
13. Tanzania Breweries Plc 295,056,063 Production, Distribution and Sale of beers, Wines and Spirits 550 Industry and Allied www.tbl.com
14. Tanzania Cigarette Company Ltd (TCC) 100,000,000 Production, Distribution and sale of cigarettes products 410 Industry and Allied www.jti.com/africa/tanzania
15. Tanga Cement Company Ltd (Simba Cement) 63,671,045 Manufactures, distributes, and sells cement and clinker 300 Industry and Allied www.simbacement.co.tz
16. TCCIA Investment Plc 73,077,253 Collective Investment Company 600 Banks, Finance & Investments www.tcciainvest.co.tz
17. TOL Gas Ltd 57,505,963 Oil and Gas 500 Industry and Allied www.tolgases.com
18. Tanzania Portland Cement Co Ltd 179,923,100 Manufactures, distributes, and sells cement 435 Industry and Allied www.twigacement.com
19. TATEPA Ltd 18,657,254 Growing, Processing, Blending, Marketing and Distribution of tea. 330 Industry and Allied www.africanfinancials.com
20. Vodacom Plc 2,240,000,300 Telecommunication 850 Telecommunication www.vodacom.co.tz
21. YETU Microfinance Plc 12,112,894 Provide financial services to the unbanked and under banked people of Tanzania 500 Banks, Finance & Investments www.yetumfplc.co.tz
22. Uchumi Supermarkets Limited 364,965,594 Kenya-based company engaged in the retail supermarkets operation   Commercial services  
23. National Media Group Ltd 188,542,286 Leading multi-media house in the East African region   Commercial services www.nationmedia.com
24. East African Breweries Limited (EABL) 790,774,356 Production, Distribution and Sale of beers, Wines and Spirits   Industry and Allied www.eabl.com
25. Jubilee Holdings Ltd 59,895,000 Investment holding company, underwrites life and non-life insurance services   Banks, Finance & Investments www.jubileeinsurance.com
26. Kenya Airways Plc 1,496,469,034 Commercial Services   Commercial Services www.kenya-airways.com
27. KCB Group Limited 2,970,340,000 Banking Services   Banks, Finance & Investments www.kcbgroup.com